X5 S Smartphone

Overview        Technical Specs

Super-fast, Super-flexible, and Super-fun

Take control of your communications, your information, and your entertainment with the
X5 S. This smartphone has everything you are looking for: 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, the power to run all the latest apps, storage to save all your music and videos, plus dual cameras to take brilliant photos and fun selfies.


Cutting-edge Design

The design of the LOGIC X5S is at the forefront of mobile technology. This smartphone feels right at home in your hand.


The ideal-sized smartphone

Light-weight and just 8.5mm thin, you can put this smartphone in your pocket or purse and you won’t notice it’s there.


Keep Your Phone Protected

The X5S comes with a silicone cover included free to protect it from the grind of everyday use.


And Your Screen Protected as Well

The included screen protector keeps your screen looking new and free of scratches.


High-quality, Dual-cameras

With an 8MP camera plus a 1.3MP camera you take great pictures and memorable selfies.
The magnificent cameras of the X5S will give you pictures for a life-time of memories.


Apps that Makes Sense

High-quality apps preloaded.

The LOGIC X5S is ready right out of the box. It comes with Android 4.4 KitKat with its new features and functions. Downloading and running your favorite apps, and multitasking are all quicker and easier. In addition, the X5S comes with customized apps for you to enjoy.


The Right Size Display

Look for Yourself.

Get more from this brilliant 5” display on the X5S. Watch videos, movies, view images, play games, and enjoy your favorite content all with crystal-clear detail.


Smart Packaging

Get Your LOGIC X5 S Today.

The LOGIC X5 S comes in an array of colors to fit your style. LOGIC’s packaging is modern, sleek, and environmentally-friendly. Ask for the LOGIC X5 S at your favorite retail store or wireless provider. The LOGIC X5 S is the smartphone that Makes Sense.