X5 Plus Smartphone

Overview        Technical Specs

More Power +
More Fun = X5 Plus

The LOGIC X5 Plus lets you do more than other smartphones. With 16GB of memory and a 13MP camera you can handle everything. You can download the apps you like and also take incredible photos. The X5 Plus is designed to give you the ultimate smartphone experience.


Cutting-edge Design

This smartphone feels right at home in your hand and its rounded edges and smooth surfaces make is easy and enjoyable to use.
The design of the LOGIC X5 is at the forefront of mobile technology.


Make 13 your lucky number

With 13MP, the X5 Plus’ camera gives you stunning pictures for a life-time of memories.


So Sleek and Slim
it Seems to Disappear

Light-weight and just 7mm thin, you can put this smartphone in your pocket or purse and you won’t notice it is there. It’s like you made it disappear.


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Now you are ready for everything

The X5 Plus puts world in your hands! Make calls, surf the web, send emails, text, enjoy games, movies, and much more. With the X5 Plus nothing can stop you


Apps that Makes Sense

High-quality apps preloaded.

The LOGIC X5 Plus is ready right out of the box. It comes with Android 4.4 KitKat with its new features and functions. Downloading and running your favorite apps, and multitasking are all quicker and easier. In addition, the X5 Plus comes with customized apps for you to enjoy.


The Right Size Display

Look for Yourself.

Get more from this brilliant 5” display on the X5 Plus. Watch videos, movies, view images, play games, and enjoy your favorite content all with crystal-clear detail.


Smart Packaging

Get Your LOGIC X5 Plus Today.

The LOGIC X5 Plus comes in an array of colors to fit your style. LOGIC’s packaging is modern, sleek, and environmentally-friendly. Ask for the LOGIC X5 Plus at your favorite retail store or wireless provider. The LOGIC X5 Plus is the smartphone that Makes Sense.